July 30

Library Day and Vaccine Day

Just this Tuesday, I took my guys to our Family Physician Clinic for my little ones 4year old Vaccines. Actually it was his 3rd shot for his age. He had chicken pox shot as soon as we arrived home from our vacation, 2 weeks after that he had a Hepa shot, then a month later is the MMR shot which was given to him just this Tuesday. He didn’t get the 3 vaccines all at ones because hubby and I believed that it’s not good for him. We believed that it’s not good at all for a child to get all the vaccines at one time. So we are cautious with our little guys cause it might have a bad effects on him. If you knew about Claytons previous status you will understand. He had some episodes when he was 2 and until now we have no idea what causes it, so it’s better safe than sorry. At this situation we don’t care if we’re going to pay 3 visits rather than 1.

Anyhow, the little one knew that is going to get it. He was afraid for a bit but later on relax when I told him that we were going to McDonald to get some snacks, then later on go to the library to get some books to read on bed time. He relaxed and let the nurse do her trick.

As what I promised to them, I bought some snacks from the drive thru of McDonalds, then munched it in the parking lot of the Library.
Photo below was the little one showing his new Minion a toy that is included in his Happy Meal

Any here they were in the Library feeling so at home on the bean bag with their find books.
 photo 971201_10151610037528382_462179241_n_zpseb02b40e.jpg

It turned out a great day that day. The kids borrowed some books to read at night. Then they got the chance to play in the playground that is located at the back of the library. I find it so cool for a library to have a playground at the back which is not so crowded and very safe for the kids to play due the Fire Department which is just next door from the library.

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