October 15

Missed the School Bus

For the first time, my eldest missed the school bus today. I was not surprised at all. With his slow motion in the morning, I would think he would missed the bus everyday. If I dont hurry him along, he would, really! Poor thing, maybe he will learn his lesson by now on not to spend so much time in the bathroom, and move a little bit faster so he will not miss the bus in the future. Maybe we will change our time in the morning, instead of waking him up 7:30am, I will wake him up 6am, that way he has more time to do his morning rituals. And also sleeping time at night should be earlier than usual. I tell you its pretty tough specially if you have another little one who keeps on bugging his big brother who is already in bed. I sure dont know what to do. Oh Well, I guess I will just help him in the morning to hurry along, and get his things ready at night, so he will not miss his school bus again.