February 1

Decorate Your Heart Project

Time fly so fast that its the month of LOVE once again! Anywhere you go you will see heart shapes, in the store, in the street, in some of people houses, and even at school! Check out my son’s Decorate Your Heart Project below, isn’t it awesome? He sure loves it. Everybody in his class made their heart project too, and they post it on the wall right outside their classroom.  =) How about you? Did you Decorate your heart too? If you do please feel free to share in the comment area below.

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March 12

Valentine’s Card from my 2nd grader

Below is my son’s Valentine card that he brought with him from school on Valentine’s Day. Isn’t it cute? Their teacher probably told them to make a V card for their family, so he made this one for us, which I find it so pretty and very artistic. Photobucket

Below is his message.

Dear Family,
Happy Valentine’s Day From the bottom of my heart!
Love, Jian.

He sure made me feel so happy and so proud for being so thoughtful. This card is the sweetest ever. Actually, he never missed giving me a card on Valentine’s Day, even before that he haven’t started schooling yet. He always made my Vday extra special. Just this love note, is enough to make my Vday complete. No flowers and chocolates can top that!

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March 2

Clayton’s First Handmade V-card

I like to share to you my 3year old first handmade Valentine’s Card. I was in the kitchen when he made this one. I heard him talking with his big brother. He asked his big brother if he could help him make a Valentine Card for Mum Mum. Upon hearing this made me feel emotional a bit. I thought it was the sweetest thing ever.
I saw my kids sitting on their little chair, and making my V-card. I heard my eldest asking the little one what to put in the card. Since, my youngest can’t write and read yet, he told his big brother what to write. Above photo was what they made. Isn’t it the sweetest ever? They didn’t notice that I took a photo(below) of them.