September 13

Clayton Rapping

I was really laughing so hard today after hearing my son rapping. At his young age of 3 he never stop to amaze me. Let me share you what I was laughing about.

  Clayton pick up my flip flop and said in a rap tune:
I found a shoe, I found a shoe… and i don’t know what to do…(with gestures and nodding)

Isn’t that so funny? He made this up all by himself. I think its because of that show Ni Hao Kai Lan that he was watching at the other day. One of the characters was trying to rhyme, but doesn’t know how. And I saw my little one was watching the show intently, and was following the words on what they were saying in the show. And now, he cracks me up today, by making up his own rhyming song. lol! He sure learned a lot from watching those educational shows in TV. I am so happy that he picks it up easily. My little boy is sure growing so fast. It makes me proud that he is learning on his own. 🙂

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