February 22


Upon cleaning my closet the other day, I found my old mp3 player. I tried to plug it in my computer and surprisingly it still works! I was able to  transfer some tagalog mp3 songs to my computer and burn them in the CD so I can play it in my car while I’m out driving. It sure feels good to listen to musics that you grow up with, my kids keep on asking me to translate, and it makes me happy that they are interested to know what the words means. Sooner or later they will learn to speak the tagalog dialect thru music. =)

Well if you like MP3 as well, check out  Musicians Friend roland r 05  a wave/mp3 recorder that is easy to used and its affordable. To know more about it just click the link above.

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February 2

School Talent Show

I had been trying to persuade Clayton to join the Talent show in his school for this couple of days now but he just wont. He said that he is shy and might look funny in front of everybody. I told him that he wont because he will gonna practice with the other kids, and I am sure that he can do it. He has been practicing singing and his voice is not bad at all, just need some training and he can sing really good. Maybe if I will buy him a karaoke and microphone that   wwbw has mic stand in hope that will encourage him to perform the next time. Well, the practice for the Talent show is gonna be soon, and I dont think I can persuade him at this moment. Maybe next year he might. =)

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September 16

Interface Amp

A couple of days ago, I mentioned about a mini amp that is portable and perfect for kids who play in a band. Well, here is an ampkit that is even more portable and so easy to used. But I dont think this would be perfect for band practices. I think this is more personal where you can listen to your music wherever you go with the used of your iPhone or iPad. Isn’t that cool? This would be perfect if you are traveling.

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September 13

Mini Guitar Amplifier

This mini guitar amplifier is just perfect for students who are in a band. It is great for school for practices and band practices, with its small size you can take it anywhere. It is  lightweight, easy to access, wireless, and sounds great too. The price is also affordable, so if you are searching for the best small guitar amp , you might want to consider this one.

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