April 14

Jian’s 3rd Progress Report

Above is my 2nd grader Progress Report. It was inside an envelop when he handed it to me with a smile on his face. I was worried a bit that the result might not be good for the 3rd quarter, because he did some mischief in school like not following instructions, not listening, sloppy job, and he missed school a lot of times.  But when I looked at his progress report, the result was awesome. His Math have improved from Developing Proficiency(DP) to Proficient(P), and the comments are great. It was opposite from what I thought. It says that, he is more attentive now and more focus on his work according to his teacher. And he enjoys writing stories and does very well in applying newly learned skills in his writing. This comment made me feel so proud of my 2nd grader. He sure have improved so much and practice all the things that I taught him. I never failed to remind him everyday before he gets in the school bus, to listen to his teacher, read the instructions carefully, make his work clean and neat, and write ligibly. Because sometimes he scribbles, which I find so sloppy. Reminding him all the time sure work, and I hope that he continues it without me reminding him.

But anyhow, I am really happy of his development, and I hope he will continue improving.

102/365 BPC