October 30

No School for 2 Days!

School was cancelled for 2 days due to the Super Storm Sandy that hit the East Coast last Monday. Sandy was so huge that a lot of States here in US were affected including the Southern Eastern PA. We are only 2 hours from New Jersey, 2 hours from Philly, and an hour from MD pier, so we were affected as well.

My eldest was very happy that school was cancelled, and I was glad too, coz I was able to extend my rest until the middle of the day. While Sandy was blowing outside, we were very cozy inside. I thought that our power would cut off, but it didn’t. Thank God we had power until Sandy passed by. But my boys were a little bit bored staying in door for 2 days. As you can see the little one below he keeps on looking outside checking on Sandy if she is gone already so he can play. Sorry little one but its not safe yet to run around outside, Sandy left a huge mess, and its quite slippery with all those wet leaves on the ground.PhotobucketBlog Photo Challenge #304/366