September 10

First Day of School, First Time to Ride the School Bus

August 28 was the first day of school for my 2nd grader. He was so excited that he got up earlier than me. He head straight to the bathroom and took a bath right away. And when I got up, he was already dress up. 🙂 I got his clothes ready on the night before, so that he will not have a hard time looking for something to wear on his first day. And of course, everything he wore that day was new. I got him new polo, shirt, pants, and shoes from OshKos B Gosh. I want him to look great on his first day, so he will feel great all day.

It was his first time to ride the school bus. I mentioned on my last post that he used to be a Van Rider because of the location of our house which was not within the School District that he attended too when he was in 1st grade. Anyhow, he was really excited when we were at the bus stop. He cant hide his excitement, because he was going up and down. lol. It was the first time to see neighbor’s kids at the bus stop, he was happy to meet them, and I was happy also to meet our nice neighbors. They seems friendly enough. They were excited too for their kids, because of picture taking here and there. I guess its natural for parents seeing their kids growing up and getting in the school bus. I have a few of my snaps as well of my eldest. Here he is with his book bag and lunch pack. I packed him lunches to know if he is eating lunch or not. So far, he comes home with empty lunch box. 🙂


I sure am proud of my kuya. He said that first day of school was so much fun. And he like his new school and his new teacher. I feel so relieved when I heard this. I hope he will do much better this year. 🙂

Blue Monday

August 21

School Open House

Yesterday was my son’s new school open house. Its when the new students and parents get the chance to explore the school, familiarize with the facilities, check out the classrooms, and meet the new teacher for the first time.  The school was not as big as Jians previous school, it was all in one floor which is a good thing, I dont have to worry about him falling or tripping down the stairs. They have pretty much of everything like any other school here in US. They have a big cafeteria, a big gym for playing indoor, and a big yard that has a playground and ball fields, which got my kids so excited when they saw it yesterday. 🙂

This school is used to be grade 5-6 only, now they are open for grade K- 6. Its the first year of the school to open from K-4, so everybody is new in this establishment except for those who are gonna be in 6th grade of course. Also the teachers are new. I was able to meet Jians new teacher yesterday. She seems very nice. A petite lady who is in her early 50’s I believed. I hope she is not as strict as my Chemistry teacher when I was in high school . hehehe.

Anyhow, my kids were so excited to look around, checking out where is the restroom, the lockers, the library, and stuff. Before we left the building, we spotted some wall paintings. I thought its pretty cool. Check out the photos below.

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Arent they pretty? Theres more like this in every corner. I think the students painted it, because there are names on the creatures on the 2nd photo. 🙂 . I sure love their creativeness. I cant wait for my Kuya to learn all this stuff.

August 13

Enrolment Day

I apologize for not updating this blog for a couple of weeks, my family and I had been caught up with our daily do’s. Recently we just had a 3 day vacation in Virginia Beach, and was offline for a couple of days. I had been trying to catch up with my blogging career and now that I’m almost back, I would like to share the day when I enrolled my 2nd grader in his New school. Forgive me for not mentioning the name of the school that he is going to for personal privacy, and to protect my children.

Anyways, it was a great sunny day when I took my son to his new school to register him. The school here in US are not as strict as in Phil that needs to have good morals documents and etch., they only asked for the birth certificate, shots records, and proof of residency. Pretty easy huh? As for the school records, I don’t have to worry about that because they will just asked the old school to send them his records, that’s how convenient it is here. Since I don’t have his shots records, the lady said that its no problem cause they can asked the Nurse of the old school to fax to them. I was like.. ok, cool! hehehe.. After that, he was already enrolled. Easy as a pie isnt it? I know in Phil, its very tough, you have to enroll your kids like every year, unlike here in US, you only do it ones, or if you transfer to a new school; then they will just mail you every year on what room you are in, and who is your teacher, and some other information such as school Bus schedule drop and pickup, school rules and regulations, and whats the menu for this week’s lunch, very convenient for parents aye? But of course as a parent, its our duty to monitor our kids progress in school. I am very happy that I got all the time in the world to do that. 🙂

Anyhow, below is a photo of my kids in the school office. The little one wants to go to school too, as you can see he is very excited and so happy about it. Well, sad to say, you have to wait when your 5 years old boy, because we are here for your Kuya Jian. As of now, mommy will be your teacher. 😀


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July 31

New Place. New Friends. New School

To move to a new place here in US is not an easy thing to do. Specially if you are moving to a new State cause the laws would be different, the people, the food, the surroundings, and the weather. Good thing we didn’t moved that far from our old place, so getting used to in our new surroundings right now was not so tough for me.  But for my 2nd grader its gonna be a big challenge for him, because he will be going to a new school, and fitting in might be a problem for my soon-to-be-2ndgrader. This really worries me. I hope he will fit in just fine and make new friends. Because the last school that he attended, it took him a while to fit in.

And now he is going to start from scratch again. Hubby and I tried to find a new place just within the old district, so that he will still go to the same school. But sad to say, we didnt find anything that is within the district. We feel sad that he has to experience all these, and this is not gonna be the first move,because after a year from now we will move again to a new place. Its gonna be a very stressful year for my son, but Im hoping things will be okay for him, and I hope that he will enjoy meeting new friends, adjust with the surroundings, and get used to with the facilities in his New School.  I also hope that he will like his new school,  if not, then I have no choice but to pull him out and home school him.

Well, theres one good thing though, that my son is excited about, and that is to ride the school bus! 🙂 In our old place, he was a Van rider, because there is no school bus from Spring Grove Elementary passes by our house, so he was specially picked up by a Van, and dropped off by a Van right in front of our house. Aint that cool? Sometimes it will drive in to our driveway if Im not at the gate to pick him up. I sure miss those days, but oh well, we have to move on and accept this changes that is happening to our lives right now. If things doesnt work out with my boy, mommy will always find a solution.

I would like to share this photo below of my son on his last day of riding the Van 4. This was taken on his last day of school a couple of months ago.

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