March 22

Jian’s First Fight

I mentioned a couple of months ago, that I enrolled my eldest in a Taekwando Class. Last Thursday, it was his first time to Fight. Since it was his first time, they did’nt let him fight with the other students in his class, instead, he fought with one of the adults students who assist the Masters. As you look at the photo below, he’s not wearing a Uniform yet. I haven’t ordered him yet, because I was not sure if he will pursue taekwando. The uniform is very expensive. For the whole set, it cost $75, so I don’t wanna waste my money on that when he decided that Karate is not for him. Anyway, in this Karate CLub, they don’t advice to purchase a uniform right away, like what I’ve said earlier the kid might decide to stop.

Anyhow, I apologize for the blurry photos, for I was seated far from the center.  My kuya did great in his first fight, but he sure needs a lot of practice with his forms. My son is a very gentle and timid boy, so he had a hard time doing some kicking and punching. Sooner or later he will be strong and earn his yellow belt, that is if he will not quit. Right now, he is enjoying it.

 photo IMG_6849_zpsc0a62acb.jpg

 photo IMG_6850_zpsdcb74653.jpg
Kick his bum kuya! lol! just kidding…

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October 28

My Eldest and Tae Kwan Do

I have mentioned in my other blog that I enrolled my eldest in a Tae Kwan Do Class. A friend of mine referred me to this Club that is close to her town. I thought that this would be good for my 8th grader since he is very stiff, so slow, and lack of activities. My friend’s kids were also new in this club so my boy was not having a hard time adjusting¬† in the class because he knows some kids.

He started on Oct 16, 3 weeks ago, and I can see a lot of improvements already. Like..

Before, he doesnt know how to do push ups, but now he can do up to 10.
He used to be so stiff like a board, now he starting to loosen up a little.
His punches has improved! It used to be so crooked and so awkward looking, now he can punch really good.
He can kick a little bit higher than usual.
He can stretch his body, bend down low, and reach his foot.
And I notice his motor skills has really improve big time.

Check him out below with the little girl in yellow belt. She was teaching him the art of defense. This was a hard move for him, but after repeating a couple of times, he finally got it. I hope he will not get tired of learning Tae Kwan Do. I am so proud of him, because he doesn’t stop trying until he gets it.

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