January 20

JJ’s Present from his Teacher

On my son’s last day of school last year, their Teacher Mrs Eisenhart gave them all a Christmas present. Below is what she gave to JJ. A Christmas Tale book by Geronimo Stilton, and inside the book is a message from the teacher. Isn’t she so sweet? So nice of her to give my Jian a book. Photobucket

This is a very good book. I find myself reading it when I first got hold of it. JJ read this book when he got home, and forgot about the screen time for a minute, because he was hook reading it.

Below is one of the pages of the book. It consist of pretty pictures of a mice family celebrating Christmas.Photobucket

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December 27

Best Christmas Card ever

The other day I posted about my son’s stuff that I found in his back pack. Upon digging for goodies, I found this greeting card that is address to Mama. I was so happy when I saw it and open it right away. The message made me feel so emotional, that it practically made me cry even though its just a simple greetings. It was the sweetest ever. Below is his handmade card. The first photo with angel on it is the front, and the second photo is the message inside. 🙂

He sure made me feel like the luckiest Mom in the whole world. Check out his hand writing. You cant blame me, Im just a proud Mum Mum. 🙂


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December 26

More Presents from Kuya

On their last day of school of 2012, my 2nd grader came home with lots of goodies and Christmas greetings from School. I was digging in his backpack to see if he has some surprises for me, and found this paper bag that was decorated beautifully. At first look, you can tell that it is handmade, which made me so excited to open it, cause I know for sure, it is something he made in school. And I was right! I was so happy to see these two ornaments. My second grader said that its for me. He made it for me. I was soooo happy. Isn’t it pretty! I hang it right away on our tree. These ornaments are now my favorite of all. 🙂

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November 13

Read Your Heart Out

A couple of days ago, my son brought home a sheet of paper, stating that, if he wants to eat a pizza, he needs to read 6 books for November, and write down the Title and Author of the book that he read. He started reading 3 books right away on that night. And on the 2nd night, he read another 3 books. He was done right away before November ends. I know its pretty easy. But if it weren’t for this special homework, he woudn’t bother to read 3 books in one night. He usually just read one book, and that is before bedtime. Since he was determine to eat pizza. He finished reading 6 books in no time.

What did he read? I chose the books that he read that night. I chose books that are higher level so it will be more challenging for him. I guess it was easy peasy for my 2nd grader.

Anyhow, after reading 6 books, he came home with this coupon. He was so happy to show it to me, that he got a free pizza for reading 6 books. Isn’t that awesome! He was excited to order his pizza, but I told him maybe some other time because I was already cooking dinner that night. How about you? Have you receive any free stuff such as this? Prices like this surely help motivate kids to do good. I hope they do this every month. =D

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