November 5

Daylight Saving Time has ended

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you start your weekdays right! Daylight Saving Time has ended on Nov 4, at 2am here in US. And was happy with the extra rest. My little boys were up earlier than usual. So I thought Kuya will be early today at the bus stop, oh boy I was wrong! LoL! I was still hollering at him to hurry up so he will not miss the bus. Ha made it just in time to go outside and the bus was already there at the bus stop. Poor thing, he sure needs a lot of help in the morning. I wish he will change and start to hurry along all by himself, and I dont have to holler at home. I sure hate hollering at him, but what can I do? If I dont, he would be like lost in space. I sure hope he will change, and the karate lessons will help him move faster and be more responsible.