December 27

Best Christmas Card ever

The other day I posted about my son’s stuff that I found in his back pack. Upon digging for goodies, I found this greeting card that is address to Mama. I was so happy when I saw it and open it right away. The message made me feel so emotional, that it practically made me cry even though its just a simple greetings. It was the sweetest ever. Below is his handmade card. The first photo with angel on it is the front, and the second photo is the message inside. 🙂

He sure made me feel like the luckiest Mom in the whole world. Check out his hand writing. You cant blame me, Im just a proud Mum Mum. 🙂


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December 22

my son’s Christmas presents for everyone

I mentioned in my previous post, about my son buying presents for everyone. Well, here are the presents that he bought from the KidSmart Holiday Shopper that was held in school. When he came home the other day, it was all wrapped up and names written on it, on who the presents is for. I was trying to trick him on telling me what is inside, he said its a secret, but later on he told me what he has for GrandMa, GrandPa, Aunt Darla, CLayton and Plop Plop. Photobucket Blog Photo Challenge 355/366

December 18

J’s Shopping Budget

Last week, my 2nd grader came home with this Kid Smart Holiday Shopper envelop, along with a letter stating that they will have a Store in the school where the kids can shop for presents for their friends and love ones. And the prices of all items  will be $3 less. I thought this is pretty cool. J really wanted to shop for presents, so I wrote his budget on the envelop. As you can see below, $14 dollars is his budget for everybody. =D He didn’t asked me for money though, he took some from his piggy bank and used it to buy his presents for everybody. I thought that is so sweet of him. When he was at school buying the presents, I returned his money in his piggy bank.PhotobucketBlog Photo Challenge 353/366