July 27

July is almost over

I cant believe July is almost over and soon its gonna back to school! Oh wow where did Summer go? My family and I haven’t done anything fun yet, or went for a vacation. No wonder my kids are bored and keep on complaining that they got nothing to do. I guess days are longer for them if they got nothing to do. I had been busy doing a lot of things lately and hubby has been working so hard so that we can get a new house this fall. Oh well, maybe this August we will do something fun, maybe a short family vacation.

Anyway, speaking of back to school, shopping stores had their stores set up to back to school theme already. And I’ve seen mommies shopping for supplies. It seems kinda early for that don’t you think? I guess they just want to beat the crowd, cause I bet its going to be crazy this coming August. Well, if you really want to beat the crowd of back2school shoppers, you can always shop online such as the Penn Factory. They have all the supplies you need. They even have wedding items at PenFactory.com if you are looking for one. And their selection is awesome! Prices are pretty affordable too. So you see, you don’t have to beat the crowd cause you can shop any time you want. This Summer everybody deserves to relax enjoy the sun and have some fun with the families. As for us, we will definitely gonna do that before school starts.

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July 18

Personalized Backpacks For Your First Time Schoolers

Its already the middle of July and soon you will be getting ready for the coming school year. Wow time fly so fast, I bet you wish Summer would last forever, sad to say that wont ever happen. LoL. Anyway, I would like to share to you a website that has some really cool back-2-school stuff that you can even personalized.

I thought their products would be perfect for first time schoolers who are worried about the first day of school. Well, the personalized backpacks from The Crazy Day will surely make your little one excited about school. Check out this owl backpack below. Isn’t it pretty? If I have a kindergartener, I will surely purchase this one.

Anyway, they also have for teens and moms if you are looking for some.

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