May 26

Accessories for your Saxophone

Learning how to play a saxophone? Check out rubber alto mouthpiece . This is a piece of accessories that you want to have to help you play at ease the playing, not only that but it will also help produce beautiful sound. If you are playing traditional Jazz this piece is just perfect for you but can also adapt modern style. The quality is good, its very versatile, and the price is just right.

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May 19

Seach for the Best Musical Instrument for my Eldest

School is almost over, and I am on search for the best musical instrument for my eldest to learn this Summer. I thought piano would be best but then its too expensive to buy a piano. Flute is nice too but I am not sure my eldest will like it. I think guitar would suit him since he like to fiddle with his finger. And maybe in the future when he learned to play it, I might get him his own electric guitar with rotosound strings . =)

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May 17

incoming 5th graders orientation

Where did time go?  I cant believe my first born is gonna be in 5th grade this coming school year! We attended the orientation last week in Intermediate School and my eldest just cant hide his excitement. He was super excited to meet his teacher in 5th grade and to see his new classmates from different district. I am glad that he and Jac my friends son who is from Paradise Elem School is gonna be in the same class. At least he have a friend that he can talk or sit next to during lunch or recess. Anyway, during the orientation, they got the chance to practice opening the locker. Yes, they’ll gonna have a locker and I hope that Kuya will not have a hard time opening his locker next year. I think he will be fine. =) Im sure kuya will enjoy 5th grade!

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