April 10

So many plans for my kids this year

Spring is finally here! Woohoo! I am too excited because I got lots of plans for my kids that I want to fulfill hopefully one at a time. Right now they are into swimming class and I am so glad they love it! Hopefully they will finish it and learned how to swim before Summer starts, cause summer will be a new different thing to learn and that is music. Yes! I thought my eldest would love to learn any musical instruments and the first thing on my list is the trumpet or the french horn which is awesome by the way. =) I bet my eldest will really love it, I hope cause  buying a french horn or a trumpet is not cheap especially if you want the best. And its not that easy cause you need to know which one suits you best. Oh well, I still have a long ways to learn about that stuff, and hopefully by summer we got something. Isnt this so exciting! Oh I cant wait!

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