December 8

Whats the Best Present for a 4th Grader?

Christmas is just around the corner! Have you have presents already for your love once? Well, if not yet, you better search for the best present now or you might get swallowed by the herds of shoppers who are trying to do their Christmas shopping as well. As for me, I am still searching for the best present for my 4th grader. Since he is getting older, toys are not his type anymore. I am thinking of getting him a musical instrument like a trumpet or a flute from an instrument store online because he mentioned before that he wanted to be in a musical band, and I thought a wind instrument would be perfect for him. But of course I am not sure though if thats want Im going to get for him. I guess Im going to search for more online on whats the best present for a 4th grader. =)

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