December 15

Kids in Sunday School

Ive mentioned before that my kids are attending Sunday School. I was so glad that I enrolled them cause they love it! They had fun learning about the Bible and the life of Jesus. It is such a joy to me whenever my kids come home and share to me what they have learned.

Photo below is my kindergarten. This is what their classroom look like. They are seated on a round table which I thought is really cool cause they can see each other’s faces. As you can see the little one is so comfortable and he loves his teacher which is super nice. So far I havent heard any complain yet, that means my little one is doing really well. So driving them early in the morning to attend Sunday school is just worth it.

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December 10

Party All Night Long? .. nah..

Parties, parties, every where parties! What the heck? The Holidays are coming. Party all night long every night till you drop. lol! As for me, nah, I dont think so. I am so done with partying all night. I have more priorities than partying and thats taking care of my little rascals. Well, if you are into it, or hosting a big event and looking for a dj that will pump up the party – check online for the best DJ in town. If know  a charleston sc dj who are really good at it. I know they are very popular in SC and knows what their doing. But Im sure you can find one in your area wherever you are that will really make everything going.

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December 8

Whats the Best Present for a 4th Grader?

Christmas is just around the corner! Have you have presents already for your love once? Well, if not yet, you better search for the best present now or you might get swallowed by the herds of shoppers who are trying to do their Christmas shopping as well. As for me, I am still searching for the best present for my 4th grader. Since he is getting older, toys are not his type anymore. I am thinking of getting him a musical instrument like a trumpet or a flute from an instrument store online because he mentioned before that he wanted to be in a musical band, and I thought a wind instrument would be perfect for him. But of course I am not sure though if thats want Im going to get for him. I guess Im going to search for more online on whats the best present for a 4th grader. =)

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December 1

Searching for the right insurance

Searching for the right insurance is one of the most difficult thing to do. You can’t just pick out the first thing you see online, you’ve got to do a lot of digging and researching first before buying that policy. And you have to read all the lines and the fine prints to make sure that you dont get screwed in the future when the time comes that you really need it most. Right now, I am in search for a good Health Insurance and Auto Insurance as well. I’ve heard that Don AllRed Insurance the one in North Carolina is really good. How I wish I live in NC then it wouldnt be so hard for me to look for Health and Auto Insurance. Oh well, if you are searching for auto insurance quotes in north carolina you might wanna consider Don AllRed Insurance. To learn more about it just visit their website.

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