November 30

Kindergarten Parent Visitation Day and Pre Thanksgiving Show

It was Kindergarten Parent visitation day last week in my little one’s school. The kind of event that every Kindergarten Parents dont wanna missed because its the chance for parents to see their kids in school and sit with them in class while the kids do their activities. And of course Parents are included in the activities.  Hubby and I was glad that we were able to make it that day, seeing our little buddy who was so happy to see us together in his classroom was just priceless.

The activities were about Thanksgiving. We made some pilgrim hats and indian hats. Theres already reading a story about Thanksgiving, and writing about what to be Thankful for. It sure was a fun event not only for the kids but for the parents as well.

After the activities, the kids performed a show that is all about Thanksgiving. They had been practicing about it and it was their surprised show for the parents. My little buddy was a Pilgrim Minister and shouts the word Alleluyah! LoL! Aside from the Turkey, his role is big one. I sure am so proud of him. Even though hubby was speechless I know he is proud as well.

Their show went pretty well. They also recite the words that they’ve learned and sing the numbers from 1-100. And also sing some other songs. The kids sure did a pretty good job, and their teacher was amazing. I hope to see more events like this in the future. Below are some photos of my little kido with his classmates in their cute costumes. =)

 photo IMG_5676_zpsf3cfa3e0.jpg

 photo IMG_5688_zpsd1502cec.jpg

 photo IMG_5701_zps5c69ba12.jpg

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