October 18

Music is part of our daily Life

Music is always been a part of our daily life. It inspires us in what ever we do. I always appreciate a good music, it helps me get through the day. I thank all the people who create music, cause without it, life would be so dull. Music sure brings color to everybody’s life. So I always encourage my kids to love music, and study an instrument or two. It would be nice for them to learn any musical instrument that they like such as a piano or a guitar. A guitar is the most popular cause it is easy and you can learn it by yourself, which would be a good musical instrument to start with. To look for a good guitar, you can always search online at musicans friend .

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October 16

I still love the good old songs

Music now a days have evolve. Some people like it some people don’t. As for me, I still prefer the old tyme music cause it brings so much memories and it is more inspirational rather than the music now that the kids listen too. But there are some people who revive the good ole music from the 70 and make it their own by adding rhythm, other musical instruments, and electronic devices such as the apogee ensemble that makes good quality sound. But in spite all that, I still like the simple music that is very soothing to my ears. I hope my kids will also like the music that I listen to rather than some hip hop or rock and roll that has no meaning or lyrics.

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