September 25

First Day of School Year 2014

First day of school went like a breeze for my two schoolers. Especially for this little kindergartener who was so excited to ride the bus with the other kids. I cant believe he is going to school already. And he did a pretty good job on his first day of school. I was nervous at first because I was worried about his behavior and he might have a hard time adjusting since he didnt go to preschool, so basically its his first time without mommy. Whew he survived alright and was so eager to go the next day, even though he told me that he missed me and keep on thinking what Im doing at home. Aw.. he is such a sweet boy. I am glad he like school and learned a lot of things on his first day.

As for my 4th grader, he did well also. I sure cant believe that this year is gonna be his last year in Elementary. He have grown so fast that he can take care of himself now in the morning, which Im so relieved! Oh boy these two sure are growing fast. I am having a hard time to keep up with them.

Anyhow, below were some of the photos on their first day.

 photo IMG_4044_zpsffc15708.jpg

 photo IMG_4061_zps64127268.jpg

September 19

cold days are coming

I cant believe how time fly so fast. My feet are starting to tingling under the sheet due to the cold temperature from outside. Yes, Autumn is finally here in our neck of the woods.  Sooner or later we will gonna start using the heater. Good thing we had our tank filled a couple of days ago so we are pretty much ready for the coming cold days. Well how about you? Are you ready? Ive heard that winter is gonna be brutal this year. Well, if you’re not ready yet better call your local heating company or visit for your heating needs.

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