August 13

Kindergarten Orientation

Today was Kindergarten Orientation Day! My little one was so excited to meet his teacher for the very first time that he eventually forgot to wear his shoes! lol! It was an experience that he will never forget. My kindergartener didn’t mind at all because he was so busy minding all the stuff that is inside his classroom and seeing his classmates for the first time. I can sense that he is a little nervous though as you can see on the photo below. But later on he said that he can’t wait for the school to start so he can meet new friends and learn new things. =) I am so proud of my little one. He sure have grown fast!

Anyway, it was a fun orientation day to all first time schoolers. Their teacher made it extra fun by dressing up as a Candy Queen, which made all the students feel relax and have some fun. She made a game called Scavenger Hunt which help the kids to learn the rules in the classroom and each hunt has a reward, of course with the help of the Parents, the little ones was able to finish the game in time.

I was so glad we attended the Orientation, it help my little one familiarize his classroom and get to know his teacher before school starts. photo 10606245_10152386067308382_5177809450358955501_n_zpse74d81fd.jpg fgf

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