March 3

Dr Seauss Week

Do you know Cat in a Hat that knows about that, and the Grinch Who Stole Christmas? Well,  If you do, then you know it’s author Dr. Seauss. He is one of the most popular writer of children’s books. Kids here in US knows him because of his books that are so fun to read. My little one sure love all Dr. Seuss books in fact he has a collection of them. Last week, they celebrate Dr. Seuss week as a commemoration of him for contributing so much to kids imagination. Each day kids have to wear something funny, and last Wednesday they had a Whoville Hair Day which I find so cool. I brushed my little ones hair up like the Whovilles. He was so excited about it that he cant wait to get to school to show off his Whoville hair. Almost all of the kids had a Whoville hair-do that day and it was so fun to look at. I think all the kids had fun during the Dr. Seuss week, cause when my son comes home, he was so happy and so jolly to talk about it. photo 1898257_10152046211963382_1773632236_n_zps55ebad68.jpg dfdf

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