January 29

The Boy Who Loves Puzzles

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This little boy here sure loves puzzles! You can see that on the photo above. He put it all together by himself, and when he is done, he calls me and show me his work with a tada! It makes him feel so proud that he’s able to finish it. 🙂

It sure made me happy to see him so into it. It made me want to buy him more puzzles. I am very impress that he can complete it without my help. He can do the World Map so easy that it would only take him a few minutes to complete, while the Briarpatch iSpy puzzle(right) which consist of 63pcs would take him more than 30mins to complete. It’s quite difficult. He is very patient to complete it. The pieces are smaller which make it hard to determine the right piece, and the images are quite tiny, you have to look closely. After he put the iSpy puzzle together, he invites me to play ‘iSpy with my little Eye game’ with me, and I would be so happy to play with him.

I’m sure other kids especially boys find jigsaw puzzle games boring, but for my little boy.. it is his favorite thing to do during his past time.


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