January 30

Audio Recording Software

If you are looking for an audio recording software at musicians friend , you will find a wide range to choose from that would best suits your needs. They have everything from A to Z. I bet you will have a hard time choosing because most of it has pretty good reviews. You can find cheaper ones too and some of the expensive ones are on sale.



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January 29

The Boy Who Loves Puzzles

 photo clayton_zps2683abda.jpg
This little boy here sure loves puzzles! You can see that on the photo above. He put it all together by himself, and when he is done, he calls me and show me his work with a tada! It makes him feel so proud that he’s able to finish it. 🙂

It sure made me happy to see him so into it. It made me want to buy him more puzzles. I am very impress that he can complete it without my help. He can do the World Map so easy that it would only take him a few minutes to complete, while the Briarpatch iSpy puzzle(right) which consist of 63pcs would take him more than 30mins to complete. It’s quite difficult. He is very patient to complete it. The pieces are smaller which make it hard to determine the right piece, and the images are quite tiny, you have to look closely. After he put the iSpy puzzle together, he invites me to play ‘iSpy with my little Eye game’ with me, and I would be so happy to play with him.

I’m sure other kids especially boys find jigsaw puzzle games boring, but for my little boy.. it is his favorite thing to do during his past time.


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January 29


Does anyone here loves road-runner ? They sure have some cool stuff aye? I was just looking online and found some really good stuff that are perfect presents for friends who love to fiddle their guitar. They don’t only have stuff for guitars but they also have cool Mixer cases, drum bag set, and keyboard carrier, and a lot more for bands. I bet this is the brand that rock bands used to carry their musical instrument whenever they are on tour around the country.

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January 26


I had been teaching the little one how to write for some time now, and he is making progress! It’s quite slow though, cause he is always making excuses such as going to the bathroom many times, that he is hungry and want some break, and babbles endlessly before writing one letter. I tell ya , it feels like forever before he can complete a word of Cat! LOL! It’s quite tough to teach a boy like his age because they all want to play and watch TV! I know right? But anyway, even though we are doing  it slow, at least he is doing something! haha.. Here is a photo below that shows a word that he wrote all by himself. I was in the computer doing my online task when he came up to me and say I want some…(pointing at his paper).He wrote Cookie all by himself. (Snap-A-Day)

January 25

This Cold Weather

This year weather is really the coldest. Almost every night it gets below zero, and the worse is it’s very windy, cause the temperature to drop down even more. I tune up our heater a bit and it still feel cold. I have no choice but to wear extra clothes and put on my warm slippers to keep my feet cold. Oh I sure can’t wait for spring time. Pretty sure there are a lot of things that need repair due to the winter storm, and spring time is the perfect time to do all that. I better check reid supply homepage for tools and other doodads that I might need for fixing. They have everything I need from A to Z.

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