August 1

Enrolled to 3rd grade

Yes, I enrolled my soon-to-be-3rd-grader back to his previous elementary school again. It was no hassle because all I do is sign some papers that he will be joining the same school. You might be wondering why I enrolled him again. Well, for those who didn’t know I pulled him out from school last May for the 6weeks vacation in Phil. It was still early for vacation, and school were still in session. The principal agreed to pull him out and will still be joining 3rd grade when he comes back even though he didn’t finish 2nd grade. They were very considerate and since JJ has some really good grades when he was in 2nd grade, so they let him proceed to 3rd grade without any extra hassle. Whew I was so glad cause I don’t have to worry about tutoring him if they will require a testing before he proceed to 3rd grade. Now all we have to do is wait for the coming school year and that would be pretty soon this coming end of August. Don’t you just love how everything is so convenient here in US and so systematic? This is one of the things that I love in living here cause everything is fast and easy.

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August 1

Picking the right guitar

Picking the right guitar is not easy, because there are different kinds and different types to consider which depends on what kind of music like you wanna play. For example if you wanna be a rock star and plays metallic music, the best choice would be an electric guitar. If you are into country music then the best guitars to pick are the acoustics guitars like the jasmine guitar which is one of the popular acoustic guitars by country music players. You can  buy jasmine by takamine guitar at guitar center that has a wide range of choices and great ratings too. If you want to know more you can check it out online.

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July 30

Library Day and Vaccine Day

Just this Tuesday, I took my guys to our Family Physician Clinic for my little ones 4year old Vaccines. Actually it was his 3rd shot for his age. He had chicken pox shot as soon as we arrived home from our vacation, 2 weeks after that he had a Hepa shot, then a month later is the MMR shot which was given to him just this Tuesday. He didn’t get the 3 vaccines all at ones because hubby and I believed that it’s not good for him. We believed that it’s not good at all for a child to get all the vaccines at one time. So we are cautious with our little guys cause it might have a bad effects on him. If you knew about Claytons previous status you will understand. He had some episodes when he was 2 and until now we have no idea what causes it, so it’s better safe than sorry. At this situation we don’t care if we’re going to pay 3 visits rather than 1.

Anyhow, the little one knew that is going to get it. He was afraid for a bit but later on relax when I told him that we were going to McDonald to get some snacks, then later on go to the library to get some books to read on bed time. He relaxed and let the nurse do her trick.

As what I promised to them, I bought some snacks from the drive thru of McDonalds, then munched it in the parking lot of the Library.
Photo below was the little one showing his new Minion a toy that is included in his Happy Meal

Any here they were in the Library feeling so at home on the bean bag with their find books.
 photo 971201_10151610037528382_462179241_n_zpseb02b40e.jpg

It turned out a great day that day. The kids borrowed some books to read at night. Then they got the chance to play in the playground that is located at the back of the library. I find it so cool for a library to have a playground at the back which is not so crowded and very safe for the kids to play due the Fire Department which is just next door from the library.

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July 21

Cleaning and Sorting

Our weekend was quite productive. The kids help me cleaned the basement by putting away some of the toys, and throw the old ones that they dont play anymore. We found some boxes of books that I never bother to set on my son’s bedroom because there’s not much room for it. I found some really good books that are appropriate for their age, and there were also some boks that they have outgrown with. I was thinking that maybe I will sell books at so to get some profit out of it. It is still in very good condition, and I am sure somebody would be happy to have it. I would like to donate it, but money is tight right now and we need every penny to get by with our day to day needs. So if you have any old books that are still in good condition, check out

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June 28


Kids now a days learn to appreciate music. Some of them already knows how to play a musical instrument in such a young age. I admire parents who encourage their kids to learn music, cause this surely help them grow to become a better person someday.
I wish I pursue playing piano when I was little. I could have made my own music by now and record some videos and tracks to a good avid studio at musicians friend that keeps it organize in one place where I can enhance at the same time. I know there are so many gadgets out there that are available to make one sound better. Everything now is easy, even composing a song is all in the computer or with a touch of your iphone. Good to know though cause people can learn to play music all by themselves.

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