November 8


If you are planning to a buy guitar tablature of your favorite classic band or singer, you can check out online for some good collection. I saw a couple of online stores that sell this stuff and has a huge range of tablature from popular singers in that you used to listen when you were still a kid. I’m sure it bring so much memories.

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November 3

Story Telling in the Fire Station

I had been really slow for this past few weeks, I apologized if you didn’t see much updates of my kids progress in learning. Having an active 4 year old toddler is just enough to make my hands so full all the time. I had been pre-schooling the little one from time to time and visiting the local library for some story time and get acquainted with other kids. I believed that in his age, he needs to socialize with other kids of his age so when the time comes when he start to go to school, it won’t be hard for him to adjust. 🙂

Anyway, I got so much to share. Right now, I would like to share to you the special story time a couple of weeks ago that was held in the fire station near the library. We all know that October was the Fire Preventive month, so the fire station invited the library to have the pre-school story telling in their meeting room. The kids were so excited and so does my little one. We meet up at the Library, then walked to the fire station. The librarian read some books about Firetrucks, Firefighters, and other rescue trucks. After the story telling, the firemen tour the kids to their sleeping quarters, kitchen, and entertainment spot. They sure have a very fancy kitchen, equip with healthy foodies. And after all that, they showed the kids their different firetrucks and other rescue cars. The kids were so amazed with what they saw. I was impressed on how equip and complete their firetrucks are.  It was top of the line. Looking at it makes me think of the firetrucks in Phil which is so way far from the firetrucks here in US.

Anyway, the kids had really fun looking around, pretending to be firemen, climbing in the trucks, checking the equipments, and getting the chance to see whats inside the firetruck! It was really cool. Not only that, they also showed how they put on their suit and how quick to wear it. Sounds pretty tough. Well, we all know that firefighter is one of the most dangerous job ever, so I salute this guys who are devoted to their job and showing us what it’s like to be a firemen. 🙂

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October 23

Teach our kids the Green Living

As a mom of two growing boys, it is important for me to teach them about green living, cause this way they will learn to appreciate everything around us and to live wisely by choosing the right products to use that doesnt hurt our environment such as green cleaning products , which are easy to find online and in grocery stores. As a parent, it is our duty to teach this to our kids in order for them to have a better life in the future.

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August 29

Planning to study abroad?

Planning to study abroad? You should seek help from an immigration lawyer  in order to achieved your goal. I’ve heard that it is not an easy process because the requirements are close to impossible to acquire. If you will just do it yourself it will take years to get results. But with the help of an immigration lawyer, you might be able to study abroad and attain your dreams.


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August 21

Summer Reading Program

I almost forgot to share about our experienced of the Summer Reading Program that was held in our Library that started on the first week of June and just ended on Aug 18. Jian was able to catch up with the program in spite a month of absence, but we were not able to do the Gardeners Journal where you play a scavenger hunt by finding the different kinds of vegetables and fruits that can be found in a designated park here in our area. There are 3o parks here in York and some parks are located in a not-so-nice-neighborhood, so we decided to skip that one although it sounded really fun but we dont have much time to do that and we can’t find it all since we are off limits to those not-so-nice area.

Below is the list of Parks here in York. photo IMG_8669_zpsb6ef6a3d.jpg

Anyway, the target of minutes was 800m of reading. I know it ‘s pretty easy for a reader like my Jian. He finished the 800minutes right away and received some goodies from the library such as 2 free books of his choice, free ticket of a Baseball game which we didnt used, swimming party in such a pool, free kids meal from chick-filet, free sundae of such and such, and a lot more. With all these goodies, kids will surely feel motivated to read more. But for my Jian, he just doesn’t just read, I make him retell what he was reading so I know if he understood or not, because we want him to enjoy reading and not just because of the prize that he is getting. 🙂

 photo IMG_8670_zpsf3efca47.jpg

Below were some of the prices that he got after reading 800 minutes. photo IMG_8671_zps491769a0.jpg
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