August 21

Violin Lessons

Last Friday, I saw a note in my 3rd graders folder. It is an invitation about learning how to play String instruments preferably Violin, Viola, and Cello. I asked my child if he wanted to learn to play those instruments, he said that he is interested in learning the Violin, but I was not sure about this cause he might just get bored and quit later on. I was hoping for a guitar lesson or maybe Piano but it was not in the choices. I guess I will just have to pass on this one, and find something that would really interest him and have some fun learning. I don’t think he will last learning the Violin lesson and Violins are not cheap. Maybe I will just get him a guitar one day and see if he likes it. He might really like it and want to play in a band and soon will purchase accessories such as  classic wireless midi at musician’s friend .

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