August 11

Letter from School

The other day, I received a letter from the school reminding me of the Open House which will be this coming Tuesday, and also some information about the bus number, and Jian’s 3rd grade teacher and his room. Upon receiving this mail, it got me so excited. My 3rd grader got so excited to in returning to school, to see his friends again, and riding the school bus. I told my hubby about the open house and he wanted to go as well and see the school for the first time. Yes, he haven’t been to this school yet, it was always me who go every time there is a special event. Nothing important though that he needed his presence, but it sure nice that he would be there just one time to show support for our schooler. Now that JJ is in 3rd grade, he sure need Steve’s support in order for him to feel motivated to study.

Anyway, how about you? Do you have a schooler too? I bet he/she is excited to go to school.

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