August 1

Enrolled to 3rd grade

Yes, I enrolled my soon-to-be-3rd-grader back to his previous elementary school again. It was no hassle because all I do is sign some papers that he will be joining the same school. You might be wondering why I enrolled him again. Well, for those who didn’t know I pulled him out from school last May for the 6weeks vacation in Phil. It was still early for vacation, and school were still in session. The principal agreed to pull him out and will still be joining 3rd grade when he comes back even though he didn’t finish 2nd grade. They were very considerate and since JJ has some really good grades when he was in 2nd grade, so they let him proceed to 3rd grade without any extra hassle. Whew I was so glad cause I don’t have to worry about tutoring him if they will require a testing before he proceed to 3rd grade. Now all we have to do is wait for the coming school year and that would be pretty soon this coming end of August. Don’t you just love how everything is so convenient here in US and so systematic? This is one of the things that I love in living here cause everything is fast and easy.

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