August 29

Planning to study abroad?

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August 21

Summer Reading Program

I almost forgot to share about our experienced of the Summer Reading Program that was held in our Library that started on the first week of June and just ended on Aug 18. Jian was able to catch up with the program in spite a month of absence, but we were not able to do the Gardeners Journal where you play a scavenger hunt by finding the different kinds of vegetables and fruits that can be found in a designated park here in our area. There are 3o parks here in York and some parks are located in a not-so-nice-neighborhood, so we decided to skip that one although it sounded really fun but we dont have much time to do that and we can’t find it all since we are off limits to those not-so-nice area.

Below is the list of Parks here in York. photo IMG_8669_zpsb6ef6a3d.jpg

Anyway, the target of minutes was 800m of reading. I know it ‘s pretty easy for a reader like my Jian. He finished the 800minutes right away and received some goodies from the library such as 2 free books of his choice, free ticket of a Baseball game which we didnt used, swimming party in such a pool, free kids meal from chick-filet, free sundae of such and such, and a lot more. With all these goodies, kids will surely feel motivated to read more. But for my Jian, he just doesn’t just read, I make him retell what he was reading so I know if he understood or not, because we want him to enjoy reading and not just because of the prize that he is getting. 🙂

 photo IMG_8670_zpsf3efca47.jpg

Below were some of the prices that he got after reading 800 minutes. photo IMG_8671_zps491769a0.jpg
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August 21

Violin Lessons

Last Friday, I saw a note in my 3rd graders folder. It is an invitation about learning how to play String instruments preferably Violin, Viola, and Cello. I asked my child if he wanted to learn to play those instruments, he said that he is interested in learning the Violin, but I was not sure about this cause he might just get bored and quit later on. I was hoping for a guitar lesson or maybe Piano but it was not in the choices. I guess I will just have to pass on this one, and find something that would really interest him and have some fun learning. I don’t think he will last learning the Violin lesson and Violins are not cheap. Maybe I will just get him a guitar one day and see if he likes it. He might really like it and want to play in a band and soon will purchase accessories such as  classic wireless midi at musician’s friend .

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August 20

School Open House

 I wanted to share to everyone today is when my kids and I went to the school for the open house on the first week of Aug. On the open house, we got the chanced to see the whole school, roamed around the hallway, and locate Jian’s 3rd grade classroom. Teachers were not present that day and the classrooms were closed, so we just walked around the hallway and get Jian familiarized the location of his new classroom which is not hard to find because it is just across from his old classroom. So we have no problem of him getting to his room on his first day of school and finding the restroom cause he knows it already. We had fun looking around and peeking thru the glass door of his room imagining him seated on one of the chairs listening to his teacher. I was excited and so does JJ. My little was excited to go to school too but he can’t yet this year.

Anyhow, we explore every corner of the school, even in the 5th and 6th grade area. We look inside the gym and the cafeteria too, and inside the cafeteria I saw this cool big sign below which is a very good reminder for all the kids about bullying. Isn’t it cool?

   photo IMG_8473_zpsf1c3708d.jpg

And below is the school logo TEAMS and what it stands for.

 photo IMG_8475_zpse97c264b.jpg
My son is very proud to go to school here. Last year he had no troubles. I hope this coming school year he will have fun learning and making friends.

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August 11

Preparing for the coming school year

School starts at the end of August here in the East Coast. I bet the teachers and other school staff members are busy  preparing for the coming school year, making sure that every thing is ready before school starts. I am pretty sure they are also checking the school building if there is something that need to repair and replace so that the students will be safe and comfortable with their environment. Not only the classrooms but also the kitchen like the kitchen cabinet knobs , hooks, and other accessories that are needed to be replace. It is important to check everything, so nothing will go wrong on the first day of school.

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