April 16

Potty Trained at Last!

 photo 541853_10151432580903382_1278734122_n_zpse455a30e.jpg Yay! Another great milestone has achieve by my toddler today. He finally went on his own which make me feel so proud. Whew! What a relief! If you are a mom of a little boy, you would know how I feel. As we all know, boys are the toughest to potty train. It takes a lot of patience and time to achieve such goal. As for me, it took me 2years to potty train him, and today was the first success. Yohoo! Congrats to my little one, you are a big boy now, and Mama can finally save money from diapers. This sure made me feel so happy.

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  1. By Rcel on

    That is indeed an achievement, Emz! Great Job, Clayton! Goodbye nappies na jud mo, maka-save na ang show! Kami ani layo pa ang antuson for Tiara. Daghan pa Pampers mapalit ani among Worker as per Triz. Lol.

    BPC hop!

  2. By Lulu on

    yeahhh!!! great job clayton. Potty training is really hard and I am glad that he is already potty trained. I know the relief you feel.


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