April 3

Planning for our 2013 vacation

It is getting warmer everyday in our end. Our surroundings are starting to look more colorful and grass are getting greener. I saw some bunnies outside earlier by our backyard hopping searching for food. They are probably hungry from the long hibernation, and now so gladly seeing the sky and the sun ones again.

Spring sure is finally here. And I can’t wait to go outside and have some tan. I have been planning already on what to do this Spring and Summer Season. I am writing down the possible places that my family and I will visit, aside from our vacation to Philippines next month. Yep!  Next month, my kids and I will be in Philippines for a one month vacation, and I have an itinerary already. How I wish hubby will go with us, but due to his busy schedule, he can’t take a leave. And since hubby can’t go with us, I am planning for a trip this August on our Anniversary that all of us can go and enjoy. I am thinking of going South, like in Tennessee State and watch the sunset at Smokey Mountain.

Smokey Mountain is one of the most popular place in Tennessee that the tourist love to visit. I have heard so much about the place, and never been there yet. I’ve heard that the people there are super nice, and it’s not expensive to dine. We can probably book cheap hotels online for this trip, and other tickets for the Family Fun Attractions that we want to visit in Tennessee. Isn’t this sound exciting? Oh Im excited alright. And I can’t wait to tell hubby about my plan. I’m sure hubby and the kids are excited as well to go to Tennessee.

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