April 30

Kids and the Library

My kids love to spend time in the library. I take them there like every 2 weeks to borrow some books, stay for while, and read. For me, it’s a sweet escape from domestic life, because the kids sit still while they read their favorite book. I could get the chance to relax, and read as well.

Anyway, the children’s area in our library community is equip with kids stuff that will make them feel comfortable where they can lay down and read. For parents, there is also a rocking chair, and a big cushion chair where you can sit with your kido. I thought it’s awesome, and the people there are not particular with the noise of the kids are making, as long as they are not so loud. So this afternoon, we spent 30mins of our time in the Library reading and scanning some books. We didn’t borrowed any, because we can’t return it in time since we will be leaving this Sunday for our 1 month vacation. I told the kids about it, and they were a little bit disappointed that they can’t bring home the books that they were reading, but they understood, and just read their books in the Library. photo 11763_10151433689703382_760521255_n_zps060797a0.jpg Photo above was taken 2weeks ago when they borrowed the books that they returned this afternoon.

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April 17

Most Popular Instrument

The most popular musical instrument for kids is the guitar, specifically the acoustics, because it is easy to learn, the cords are very simple, and it’s light that you can take it anywhere with you. Kids would jamming with their friends after school and play their favorite rock music or country music. My friends and I used to do this when we were still in college. It would freshen our mind and forget school for a bit. It was very relaxing.

Anyhow, I didn’t know that there is more to guitar. It comes with a lot of accessories that makes the sound even better. Such accessories is the  metal muff at guitar center , which makes music sound better. It has 6 control knobs that you can control for the sound that you like. Isn’t that great? It sure is. Guitars now a days has many accessories, and you can get them online. All you have to do is read about it, so you have an idea on what is its all about, and how it will make your music sound good.

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April 16

Potty Trained at Last!

 photo 541853_10151432580903382_1278734122_n_zpse455a30e.jpg Yay! Another great milestone has achieve by my toddler today. He finally went on his own which make me feel so proud. Whew! What a relief! If you are a mom of a little boy, you would know how I feel. As we all know, boys are the toughest to potty train. It takes a lot of patience and time to achieve such goal. As for me, it took me 2years to potty train him, and today was the first success. Yohoo! Congrats to my little one, you are a big boy now, and Mama can finally save money from diapers. This sure made me feel so happy.

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April 14

Kids and Music

Trying to motivate your child to play any musical instruments? Well, this would be a tough one for parents, especially now a days, that electronic gadgets and video games are what is in this days. But I am pretty sure there are a lot of ways to motivate kids, like getting them the best electronic drum set if they show interest into drums, and tell them how fun it is and beneficial for them in the future. And also showing them your support and letting them know how good they are in playing their musical instruments, in that way, they will not get bored with it.

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April 14

Jian’s 3rd Progress Report

Above is my 2nd grader Progress Report. It was inside an envelop when he handed it to me with a smile on his face. I was worried a bit that the result might not be good for the 3rd quarter, because he did some mischief in school like not following instructions, not listening, sloppy job, and he missed school a lot of times.  But when I looked at his progress report, the result was awesome. His Math have improved from Developing Proficiency(DP) to Proficient(P), and the comments are great. It was opposite from what I thought. It says that, he is more attentive now and more focus on his work according to his teacher. And he enjoys writing stories and does very well in applying newly learned skills in his writing. This comment made me feel so proud of my 2nd grader. He sure have improved so much and practice all the things that I taught him. I never failed to remind him everyday before he gets in the school bus, to listen to his teacher, read the instructions carefully, make his work clean and neat, and write ligibly. Because sometimes he scribbles, which I find so sloppy. Reminding him all the time sure work, and I hope that he continues it without me reminding him.

But anyhow, I am really happy of his development, and I hope he will continue improving.

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