March 4

Where Does All The Days Gone By?

February had gone by already, and we didn’t even notice it. Time fly so fast that soon enough my little one will be finishing second grade, and after that he will be in third grade. Whew!

I was like wow, where have all the days gone by? My kids have grown so much, that its getting harder everyday to keep up with them. But I am not sure yet, what they will gonna be their interest when they grow up as teens. What ever that  would be, I would be very happy to give them my support financially. But I am hoping that they would indulge themselves into sports and music, so they have much brighter future ahead of them. I would definitely provide all their needs even the smallest accessories such as a talkbox for better sounds in music.

But, anyway, with my guidance and support, I’m sure they will be just fine.

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