March 12

Valentine’s Card from my 2nd grader

Below is my son’s Valentine card that he brought with him from school on Valentine’s Day. Isn’t it cute? Their teacher probably told them to make a V card for their family, so he made this one for us, which I find it so pretty and very artistic. Photobucket

Below is his message.

Dear Family,
Happy Valentine’s Day From the bottom of my heart!
Love, Jian.

He sure made me feel so happy and so proud for being so thoughtful. This card is the sweetest ever. Actually, he never missed giving me a card on Valentine’s Day, even before that he haven’t started schooling yet. He always made my Vday extra special. Just this love note, is enough to make my Vday complete. No flowers and chocolates can top that!

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  1. By Rcel on

    So cute and sweet indeed! Si Triz kay di mo-kopya sa unsa ipasulat sa Teacher. Magbuot jud na sya. Mao tong ang akong nadawat kay naay “Dear Mom, I love you from earth’s coal to Pluto!”. As in perti jud nakung bahakhak ug katawa. Ingon ko ka-OA nimo nak oi? Asa man ka kakuha ani? Ingon pa sya “I just thought of it!”. Waaaaaaaaa kaayo. KUK.

    BPC hop!


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