March 13

Chaos World

I was reading the news lately, and nothing much have change so far. Still the chaos world, everybody is still arguing on what to do, and the economy is still the same. But I noticed, that there are more murders, burglaries, and rapes going on out there. This really scared me, because people are getting more aggressive this days due to the economic crises. People get rob in the parking lot, women get rape in the restroom, sexual harrassment, and so on and so forth. As a Mom of two little kids, I find this so alarming. I have to watch closely whenever I go out, and carry with me a pepper spray for self defense.

I know this happens anywhere in the world, even in your office. There are some people who can’t keep their hands to themselves. A lot of people just ignore it because they would feel embarrassed about it. Well, I tell you, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed about it cause this person might victimized somebody again. We should call the police, and press charges.
There are a lot of Lawyers out there that accepts this kind of case, like the Sexual Harassment Lawyers San Diego who are experts in this field, and are willing to help victims to win it. Women shouldn’t be afraid to voice out what they feel. We should defend ourselves, and make this world a better place.

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