January 7

Winter Getaway

My 2nd grader came home with a letter the other day stating that their class will have a snow tubing and skating day at Heritage Hills in the 20th of January. It looks like its gonna be so much fun for my kido because he will be seeing his friends from school. I had been wanting to experience snow tubing before with my family since I got here in US, but never got the chance due to some circumstances. Now that my littlest is 3years old, we can probably go. This would be a great Family winter activity right? We are also considering going to the mountains on a snowy day and stay in those fancy log cabins for a couple of days, or go  Alps Mountaineering. In order to do this activity, you need to be in a proper attire, complete gadgets, Backpacks, and equipments to survive the mountain. I dont think it would be hard as long as you got everything you need, and as I said proper clothing to bit the cold night in the mountain. So how about you? Whats your plan for a Winter getaway?

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