January 12

Pajama Day

It was pajama day yesterday. My son went to school wearing his new angry birds pajama. But I told him to wear something on top of his pajama, because I am not comfortable seeing him in just a pajama. I made him wore a jogging pants on top of it, so it will be easy for him to pull it down when he needs to change to his Pajama. And while at the bus stop, I saw all the other kids just wearing the pajama. I find it very weird for a school to announce a pajama day, seeing these kids in their pajama seems not right, especially for little girls. My husband didnt approved of wearing of pajama to school also. He feel disgusted about it. I feel that they shouldnt do this in school, cause the kids might think its okay to wear pajama’s in public. I’d been seeing a lot of kids even grownups shopping in the mall or any store in their pajama. It seems so ethical, and not right at all.  But in spite what I thought, I let my little one wear his favorite pj’s with pants on top of it. I told him not to remove his over top pants if not needed.

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