January 20

JJ’s Present from his Teacher

On my son’s last day of school last year, their Teacher Mrs Eisenhart gave them all a Christmas present. Below is what she gave to JJ. A Christmas Tale book by Geronimo Stilton, and inside the book is a message from the teacher. Isn’t she so sweet? So nice of her to give my Jian a book. Photobucket

This is a very good book. I find myself reading it when I first got hold of it. JJ read this book when he got home, and forgot about the screen time for a minute, because he was hook reading it.

Below is one of the pages of the book. It consist of pretty pictures of a mice family celebrating Christmas.Photobucket

Blog Photo Challenge #20/365

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  1. By Jessica Cassidy on

    Awww! What a sweet teacher Kuya JJ has 🙂 I love the book too, that is a perfect gift to receive 🙂 Looks like a beautiful book to read too 🙂 Dropping by from the 20th day of BPC

  2. By Rcel on

    JJ has a sweet teacher, emz! triz was given a bag of goodies. it has a pencil, and eraser, ug unsa pa to oi and lots of candies/chocolates dayon. 🙂

    Thanks for linking this to BPC! Doing my late hops here!

  3. By Dhemz on

    now that was such a sweet gesture…Akesha got a book from her teacher last christmas too…:)

    late bpc hop!


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