January 26

Gotta Lose it!

After all the parties and celebration last Holidays, now its time to burn all those excess fats that was gain from too much eating. I bought myself some dance exercise CD’s to help me lose those extra pounds, and control my eating habit by eating less carbohydrates foods. I do my exercise in the morning, and during weekends, my little guys in the house join me with my workout. So far I only lose a little bit. I need to do more. I am thinking of joining a Zumba or Yoga class here in our area to help me motivate more. But due to my busy schedule of being a Stay At Home Mom, it seems impossible. Maybe I will just get a DVD, and do it here at home like I always do, and also get myself some  yogaaccessories for yoga dvds for much easy workout.

I sure hope that I would get rid of this extra fat, so I wont feel lazy all the time, and that I can keep up with my kids activities in school this coming Spring season.

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