January 13

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities is very important for all grade schoolers to keep them active at all time, and to keep them away from TV all day. A kid who are indulge in activity that is outside school is healthy in body and mind. Peer pressure is not an issue as well, because he/she will get the chance to meet new friends from different places that shares the same interest into sports, music, arts, and other activities. As for my son, I have successfully enrolled him in a karate class, and I am so glad that he liked it. Now I am thinking of encouraging him to learn music as well, preferably piano or guitar, so he will learn to love music even more in a different way. I am sure he will love it especially if I get him the esp guitars at guitar center , that I think he will surely love to play during his spare time.

Later on in the future he will benefit from it, and thank me for enrolling him in such activities.

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