January 26

Proper Education, Knowledge and Right Attitude in order to succeed

Life is pretty tough this days, getting a decent job or starting a business is very hard. You need to have proper education, knowledge, right attitude, and resources in order to achieved your goal in life. So as a parent of two little kids, its my duty to teach them what is right and wrong while they are still little, and be attentive to their education, in order for them to be successful in the future when they grow up. They might consider to become a business man, and start their own business. If they have proper education and knowledge, and right attitude, then it wouldn’t be hard for them to pursue it. They might want to start their own printing business in the future, if this is the cane they need to know about online print solutions from eoncode.com to help them manage their business and be successful.

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January 26

Gotta Lose it!

After all the parties and celebration last Holidays, now its time to burn all those excess fats that was gain from too much eating. I bought myself some dance exercise CD’s to help me lose those extra pounds, and control my eating habit by eating less carbohydrates foods. I do my exercise in the morning, and during weekends, my little guys in the house join me with my workout. So far I only lose a little bit. I need to do more. I am thinking of joining a Zumba or Yoga class here in our area to help me motivate more. But due to my busy schedule of being a Stay At Home Mom, it seems impossible. Maybe I will just get a DVD, and do it here at home like I always do, and also get myself some  yogaaccessories for yoga dvds for much easy workout.

I sure hope that I would get rid of this extra fat, so I wont feel lazy all the time, and that I can keep up with my kids activities in school this coming Spring season.

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January 20

JJ’s Present from his Teacher

On my son’s last day of school last year, their Teacher Mrs Eisenhart gave them all a Christmas present. Below is what she gave to JJ. A Christmas Tale book by Geronimo Stilton, and inside the book is a message from the teacher. Isn’t she so sweet? So nice of her to give my Jian a book. Photobucket

This is a very good book. I find myself reading it when I first got hold of it. JJ read this book when he got home, and forgot about the screen time for a minute, because he was hook reading it.

Below is one of the pages of the book. It consist of pretty pictures of a mice family celebrating Christmas.Photobucket

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January 13

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities is very important for all grade schoolers to keep them active at all time, and to keep them away from TV all day. A kid who are indulge in activity that is outside school is healthy in body and mind. Peer pressure is not an issue as well, because he/she will get the chance to meet new friends from different places that shares the same interest into sports, music, arts, and other activities. As for my son, I have successfully enrolled him in a karate class, and I am so glad that he liked it. Now I am thinking of encouraging him to learn music as well, preferably piano or guitar, so he will learn to love music even more in a different way. I am sure he will love it especially if I get him the esp guitars at guitar center , that I think he will surely love to play during his spare time.

Later on in the future he will benefit from it, and thank me for enrolling him in such activities.

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January 12

Pajama Day

It was pajama day yesterday. My son went to school wearing his new angry birds pajama. But I told him to wear something on top of his pajama, because I am not comfortable seeing him in just a pajama. I made him wore a jogging pants on top of it, so it will be easy for him to pull it down when he needs to change to his Pajama. And while at the bus stop, I saw all the other kids just wearing the pajama. I find it very weird for a school to announce a pajama day, seeing these kids in their pajama seems not right, especially for little girls. My husband didnt approved of wearing of pajama to school also. He feel disgusted about it. I feel that they shouldnt do this in school, cause the kids might think its okay to wear pajama’s in public. I’d been seeing a lot of kids even grownups shopping in the mall or any store in their pajama. It seems so ethical, and not right at all.  But in spite what I thought, I let my little one wear his favorite pj’s with pants on top of it. I told him not to remove his over top pants if not needed.

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