December 27

Our Christsmas this year

Our Christmas this year was very bountiful. I thank God for all the blessings that he gave to my family, even though we are experiencing trials right now, we are still very grateful that we celebrated the Holidays together. I said bountiful because we still have lots of food in our platter and opened lots of presents. My second grader prepared some presents as well for everyone. I feel so lucky to have such a very thoughtful child. His present is sure was the greatest. =)

I hope everybody had a good celebration. If you havent gifted your especial someone yet, well its not yet too late to show him/her how special he/she is. A pretty  TAG Heuer watch would be a perfect gift to your beloved. Its a very fine piece of watch that would surely last for a lifetime. If only I have lots of money, this would be the kind of watch that I would give to my hubby.

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