December 22

my son’s Christmas presents for everyone

I mentioned in my previous post, about my son buying presents for everyone. Well, here are the presents that he bought from the KidSmart Holiday Shopper that was held in school. When he came home the other day, it was all wrapped up and names written on it, on who the presents is for. I was trying to trick him on telling me what is inside, he said its a secret, but later on he told me what he has for GrandMa, GrandPa, Aunt Darla, CLayton and Plop Plop. Photobucket Blog Photo Challenge 355/366

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  1. By Jessica Cassidy on

    Awww! Kuya Jian is such a sweetheart and a heart of gold 🙂 his girlfriend is surely bless indeed to have him as a boyfriend someday 🙂 I am sure that everybody is happy to receive his presents 🙂 Thank you for sharing this to BPC Momi Emzkie 🙂

  2. By Raya on

    wow, your gifts are so ready for opening! I wonder what’s inside? looking forward to your photos! 🙂 here for bpc, emz!

  3. By Rcel on

    Wow oi! Thoughtful kaayo si JJ emz! And you really tried to tempt him to tell you what’s inside ha? He did tell you excluding yours? Hahaha. Unsa man daw sulod bi? Lol. Na-kuryoso pud ko. I bet JJ did great selections. 🙂

    BPC hop!


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