November 20

Parent-Teacher Conference

I went to my son school today for the Parent-Teacher Conference. I had been looking forward to this day, because I really wanted to talk to his teacher about his grades, and how is he doing in school, if he participates, or just keep quite. I am really worried about my 2nd grader, he seems so occupied lately. Every time I asked him if he likes school, he always say yes, but his eyes and tone of his voice disagree with his answer. I told him that its okay to tell me that he doesnt like it, or if something is bothering him so I can fix his problem. I hate to see him looking so unhappy and not so lively. The moved had a big affect on him. And it make me feel very sad, because in a year from now, we will gonna move again.

Anyhow, what I really wanna talk about is the conference between his teacher and me. It was the first time that I really had a talked with his teacher about his Progress. She was very nice, and honest with her opinion. She told me a lot of things about Jian, on how good he is in school. She praised him about his writing skills which is above average from anybody in class and his reading was excellent. She said that his Math is average which is still good, but still I was expecting more because I believed that he is good in Math. He used to get perfect grades in math when he was in 1st grade. She said that he needs help in counting coins and graphs, he doesn’t understand the concept yet. Oh boy, its time for me to tutor him in math, and teach him the easiest way on how to determine the change, and how to graph his answer. She also said that sometimesΒ  he doesn’t follow instructions. She said that he is kinda poor in this, but its okay, because most students in their class doesn’t follow instructions. To me its not okay, it is very important to follow instructions, because this will test your attentiveness, and understanding about the subject. Oh Boy, its probably my fault, because I don’t tend him like I used to do when he was still in kindergarten. Because of these remarks, I am going to watch his studies closely, and tend his needs. But in spite all the remarks,Β  I sure am very proud of him. The teacher said that he is above average from his class. His score in the National test was pretty high, and he exited the English as a Second Language(ESL), meaning he doesn’t need ESL any more. I feel sad about this, because I feel like he really need this. But due to the result of his exam, he is done with ESL.

Oh well, the conference turned out okay, it lasted more than 30mins as what I expected. I talked to the teacher on how JJ came here in US, and also personal stuff like how I met my husband, where I used to work, and what I do for a living. I guess she wants to get to know us and to understand much better, which I find important, in order for her to know more about her students. I was pretty much satisfied with her explanation on JJ’s grade. I feel bad that I was not able to focus on his studies lately, and I just let him do his homework all by himself. I was confident enough that he can do it without my help, I guess all boys need their Mum Mum to help them, even the easiest task. I should do this, to make him feel more confident about himself, and always ready for school.

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  1. By papaleng on

    PTC or PTA in our place — its a good medium for both teachers and parents to talk and sort things out. If my memory serves me right, never pa ta na na-nag-absent me or my wife sa any PTA meeting during my children school days.

  2. By lencilicious on

    Parents and teachers have very important roles in personal growth and development of a child. Conferences like that give a chance for both parties to brainstorm and discuss effective approach towards a child.

  3. By Ria C on

    It’s good that you are active in your kid’s education. It’s very important for us parents to attend this PTA or PTC because it’s the only time we can speak one-on-one with the classroom teacher about the progress and standing of our kid in school. We can also ask the performance and suggestions on what subject requires more studying or if our kid needs to be more active in school’s activities.

    I feel for your little boy. I have moved several times while I was young and it always threw me off each time I enter a new school. That meant, new people to deal with, I had to look for new friends, new environment and classmates. It wasn’t easy…

  4. By Jessica Cassidy on

    Awww it made me cry Momi Emzkie while reading your post about Kuya JJ πŸ™‚ He sounds like my Kuya K πŸ™‚ Hope that you can spend more time with him like doing home work πŸ™‚ We always have a special connection with our eldest πŸ™‚ I am glad that Kuya JJ is doing wonderful in school. I also went to my Kuya’s conference recently πŸ™‚ I was wrong in my judgement πŸ™ I thought that he is not doing good in school but surprisingly, he loves school and always do his best πŸ™‚ Don’t we love our boys Momi Emzkie πŸ™‚

  5. By Chubskulit Rose on

    Helping your kids with their homework is very important. That’s the first thing that me and my kids do when they get home. I make sure that we do their homework first before doing anything else. Having a meeting with teacher is very important.

  6. By Rcel on

    I like baya the parent-teacher conference emz diri. It was my perfect chance to have all of my questions answered. We have had a wonderful time during our conference with Triz’s teacher. We were the last one on the schedule. 7:40 to 8pm among sked pero 8:45pm na mi nahuman. Close na gud ang school campus, ang nabilin ang teacher nalang ni Triz ug kami tapos ang mga cleaning staff sa school nga nanglimpyo. Kami pa jud upat nangadto, apil si Tiara. LOL. Triz was just in the sofa section of their room reading and writing while we talked to her teacher in front of the classroom. We had a great time kay there was never a problem that the teacher told us of Triz. At least, good start sa iyang first time sa public school. πŸ™‚

    I’m sure JJ can overcome the hard part basta magpadayon lang ang pagka-studious.

  7. By Cher on

    i love attending parent-teacher conference at the end of school year. it is great way to find out how the kids are behaving in school and how are they coping academically. you are right, they still need us no matter how independent they can be.

  8. By Nova S on

    it is nice to know that there are conference in school about this to make sure that we parents will be talked about how our kids are doing in school, i just hope things will be okay for JJ and he will be good for it, maybe the moving does gives him the hard time, losing those friends he know in school and stuff…

  9. By Jennie on

    The only PTA we do as a homeschooling family is the hubby and me discussing our son’s progress. πŸ™‚

  10. By Bless on

    Good thing is he is doing great in school. I guess with your guidance and tutoring in Math and in his other subjects he will be okay. Maayo gani kita nga mga mama kay mounong jud ug tuon sa atong mga anak. We know how important education is.

  11. By mtrguanlao on

    I am always excited whenever there’s a parent teacher conference in school,would love to hear all about my kids’ status with their studies. I know it’s hard to monitor their studies especially if one is a working mom. But it is still better if we allot time to them reviewing their lessons even on weekends.

  12. By cheerful on

    we love going to Parent-Teacher Conference, we never missed one for CJ, we always make time for it. And tomorrow, we are going to one, almost end of 1st term here for year 2012-2013…and can’t wait to hear what his teacher will say.

  13. By Lainy on

    Don’t feel guilty, Emz. You’ve been a great Mom to your kids and I am all hats off. It’s a good thing that there’s a sort of PTA in the US too. It’s a great venue to discuss the kids’ progress. I am sure JJ will overcome the hurdles with flying colors having you his perfect guide in his schooling journey.

  14. By fallenrhainnes on

    That’s good to hear that despite your son is still adapting in his new environment he can still catch up with the lesson in school and i think make new friends too.. Just continue motivating him and as this early you have to tell him that you again will be moving and that he will going to meet new friends again that way he won’t be expecting that all the things around him at present will just be passing and also he can make some emotional preparations as well when it’s time to say babye.

  15. By Engkantadang Malikot on

    As a child, it is really good for us for our parents to monitor our performance in class. In that way, we get inspired to do what we have to do! πŸ™‚

    It’s a good thing you made it to the meeting. At least now, you know where to guide Jian when it comes to his studies.

    Good luck Mommy Emz! <3


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