November 28

Jj School Picture

Below is my son school picture. I was so happy with the result! Look at him, isn’t he a handsome fella? 🙂 You have to say yes, or else. Haha.Photobucket

Anyway, before picture day, I prepared his clothes to wear, and  we practiced his best smile, to make sure that his teeth will not show in the picture. His teeth doesn’t look good you know, I still need to consult his dentist for that. I told him not to smile too much, so he will not look funny in the photo. He did a good job in smiling alright. It look so natural, and his dimples are showing. Now, all I have to do is buy a photo frame and hang it on our wall. So what do you think of my son’s school picture?

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November 21

J’s Turkey Project

 We were in JJ school today for the Parent-Teacher conference. After talking to his teacher for an hour, he asked her if he could take home his Turkey with him. Below is his Turkey with 2 recipe’s hanging on its neck. Isn’t it a cool looking Turkey?Photobucket

The body of the turkey is made out of a paper bag, and inside is a ziploc bag of uncooked rice. Now I know whats the uncooked rice for. A couple of days ago, he asked me for it. I thought he was going to disguised his turkey from getting butchered for this coming Thanksgiving, instead he put it inside the body as one of the ingredients in the recipe that is hanging on its neck.

This project sure is very creative, dont you think? How about you? To those who has a student here in US, does your child have a Turkey Project too?

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November 20

Parent-Teacher Conference

I went to my son school today for the Parent-Teacher Conference. I had been looking forward to this day, because I really wanted to talk to his teacher about his grades, and how is he doing in school, if he participates, or just keep quite. I am really worried about my 2nd grader, he seems so occupied lately. Every time I asked him if he likes school, he always say yes, but his eyes and tone of his voice disagree with his answer. I told him that its okay to tell me that he doesnt like it, or if something is bothering him so I can fix his problem. I hate to see him looking so unhappy and not so lively. The moved had a big affect on him. And it make me feel very sad, because in a year from now, we will gonna move again.

Anyhow, what I really wanna talk about is the conference between his teacher and me. It was the first time that I really had a talked with his teacher about his Progress. She was very nice, and honest with her opinion. She told me a lot of things about Jian, on how good he is in school. She praised him about his writing skills which is above average from anybody in class and his reading was excellent. She said that his Math is average which is still good, but still I was expecting more because I believed that he is good in Math. He used to get perfect grades in math when he was in 1st grade. She said that he needs help in counting coins and graphs, he doesn’t understand the concept yet. Oh boy, its time for me to tutor him in math, and teach him the easiest way on how to determine the change, and how to graph his answer. She also said that sometimes  he doesn’t follow instructions. She said that he is kinda poor in this, but its okay, because most students in their class doesn’t follow instructions. To me its not okay, it is very important to follow instructions, because this will test your attentiveness, and understanding about the subject. Oh Boy, its probably my fault, because I don’t tend him like I used to do when he was still in kindergarten. Because of these remarks, I am going to watch his studies closely, and tend his needs. But in spite all the remarks,  I sure am very proud of him. The teacher said that he is above average from his class. His score in the National test was pretty high, and he exited the English as a Second Language(ESL), meaning he doesn’t need ESL any more. I feel sad about this, because I feel like he really need this. But due to the result of his exam, he is done with ESL.

Oh well, the conference turned out okay, it lasted more than 30mins as what I expected. I talked to the teacher on how JJ came here in US, and also personal stuff like how I met my husband, where I used to work, and what I do for a living. I guess she wants to get to know us and to understand much better, which I find important, in order for her to know more about her students. I was pretty much satisfied with her explanation on JJ’s grade. I feel bad that I was not able to focus on his studies lately, and I just let him do his homework all by himself. I was confident enough that he can do it without my help, I guess all boys need their Mum Mum to help them, even the easiest task. I should do this, to make him feel more confident about himself, and always ready for school.

November 18

His Personal Pan Pizza

A couple of days ago, I shared to you about the Pizza Hut coupon that my 2nd grader got from school for reading 6 books for the month of November. Well, the other night, we went out to claim his free Personal Pan Pizza. It supposed to be one topping only, but I requested to add more toppings and we will just pay for it. The management said yes, so my boy ordered his favorite, the Hawaiian Luau, bacon pieces and pineapples on it. It was very yummy! It is much yummier than the Large size Hawaiian Luau.

Photobucket Check out my 2nd grader below, can’t wait to get home.  He shared a slice of his pizza to his little brother.Photobucket

Pizza hut is just around the corner here in our new place, so claiming his price was easy. I didnt get anything extra since, I made some dinner for hubby and me. 🙂

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November 13

Read Your Heart Out

A couple of days ago, my son brought home a sheet of paper, stating that, if he wants to eat a pizza, he needs to read 6 books for November, and write down the Title and Author of the book that he read. He started reading 3 books right away on that night. And on the 2nd night, he read another 3 books. He was done right away before November ends. I know its pretty easy. But if it weren’t for this special homework, he woudn’t bother to read 3 books in one night. He usually just read one book, and that is before bedtime. Since he was determine to eat pizza. He finished reading 6 books in no time.

What did he read? I chose the books that he read that night. I chose books that are higher level so it will be more challenging for him. I guess it was easy peasy for my 2nd grader.

Anyhow, after reading 6 books, he came home with this coupon. He was so happy to show it to me, that he got a free pizza for reading 6 books. Isn’t that awesome! He was excited to order his pizza, but I told him maybe some other time because I was already cooking dinner that night. How about you? Have you receive any free stuff such as this? Prices like this surely help motivate kids to do good. I hope they do this every month. =D

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