October 30

No School for 2 Days!

School was cancelled for 2 days due to the Super Storm Sandy that hit the East Coast last Monday. Sandy was so huge that a lot of States here in US were affected including the Southern Eastern PA. We are only 2 hours from New Jersey, 2 hours from Philly, and an hour from MD pier, so we were affected as well.

My eldest was very happy that school was cancelled, and I was glad too, coz I was able to extend my rest until the middle of the day. While Sandy was blowing outside, we were very cozy inside. I thought that our power would cut off, but it didn’t. Thank God we had power until Sandy passed by. But my boys were a little bit bored staying in door for 2 days. As you can see the little one below he keeps on looking outside checking on Sandy if she is gone already so he can play. Sorry little one but its not safe yet to run around outside, Sandy left a huge mess, and its quite slippery with all those wet leaves on the ground.PhotobucketBlog Photo Challenge #304/366

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  1. By Raya on

    Wow, what a great capture, mommy Emz!! 🙂 Clayton is really very expressive. I love his eyes. You are such a pro in catching moments like these, Mommy Emz. Anyways, hope you are all safe there.

  2. By jheylo on

    thank good God that your power was on, it’s hard to live without it especially when the weather is unpleasant and we have kids around too. glad that sandy is over but unfortunate, it’s sad that there are many people who were affected by the storm and are still trying to cope up with their loss.

  3. By teJan on

    good to know you all are safe. And more better that you had still electricity during the time! It is but normal that kids don’t like so much staying at home for a whole day long..hehe!

  4. By jesie on

    yay! That’s the first word i would say if there’s no school when i was in school before, but now, when my son is in school, i get nay when there’s no classes, i want him to get out of the house! lol!!! but so glad your electricity is back, mommy, it is depressing when there’s no power because you can’t do anything other than going to bed early or play board games…lol

  5. By Arlene on

    OH I can just imagine their suppressed energy when Sandy was still in your frontyard.

    I am glad all of your are safe when the typhoon hit.

  6. By Nova on

    oh..more time to spend with the kids, the important thing is that they are more safer together with their families.. glad nothing serious happened in your place.

  7. By Mel Cole on

    awwww, ours too, so wet outside. i wish the sun could dry those leaves up and that we could rake them. our neighbors are probably angry about our tree and that our lawn is messy with all those leaves…

  8. By Nancy on

    really natural disasters are everywhere, but good to know everyone is safe in your household, Emz – something we should be grateful about.

  9. By Rcel on

    I would be happy myself if it is a No School Day kay kapoy bangon to atiman the breakfast and I hate waiting for the bus in the afternoon. Lol. Reklamador kaayo nga inahan. Hahaha. I am thankful you were spared there by Sandy Emz!

    BPC hopping!


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