October 5

his 10yr Green Card

Finally I received my son’s 10year green card in the mail. I had been waiting for it for over a year now, and I was starting to get frustrated about it. Good thing it arrived today, because my family and I were planning to take a vacation in PI soon, and we can’t go home if my son’s status is not yet stable. I am so happy and relieved that we can now go home in PI anytime soon.

The reason for it that it took USCIS a long time to process it, was that, its not their priority. And I was like, what the heck is that? Its their job to process our stuff right away since we payed for it. Ever since they made some changes in USCIS, everything became so slow. I guess they have hired a lot of incompetent people. We even received a Request For Evidence(RFE) letter after 11months. It made me think that, that’s probably the time when they looked at my son’s application. Because, if they have check it on the first month right away, after I send it, they would have send as an RFE already. When I received the RFE, I was so disappointed on how slow my sons status was moving. All my hopes of going home was starting to fade. Good thing after a month of submitting the RFE, we received his green card right away. What a relief!

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