October 20

CLayton : Coloring Style #1


One of the things that my little boy and I does here in the house while the brother is away for school is, coloring. Maybe some of you already know that this little one above loves to color. As you can see on the photo, he is trying to color Isa using his footsie! LoL! Isa is the green iguana in the show Dora the Explorer. My little one here knows all of the characters in this show, in fact its one of his favorite show. I got him this coloring book to keep him busy while I do my online task. And of course, I take a time out from my job, and help the little one finish a picture. When I saw him coloring like this, I was laughing so hard. I find it so amusing, especially his facial reaction when he was telling me about it. He sure is a funny little boy. My stress reliever. =)

Blog Photo Challenge #294/366

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  1. By Dhemz on

    hhahaha..clayton, you are one of a kind…kalisod ba mag coloring using our foot…ehehe!

    BPC hop!

  2. By Rcel on

    Hahaha! Clayton– you are so amusing! 😀 Kids love to color so that is indeed one way of letting them have fun while waiting for something or someone. 😀

    BPC hop!


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