October 30

No School for 2 Days!

School was cancelled for 2 days due to the Super Storm Sandy that hit the East Coast last Monday. Sandy was so huge that a lot of States here in US were affected including the Southern Eastern PA. We are only 2 hours from New Jersey, 2 hours from Philly, and an hour from MD pier, so we were affected as well.

My eldest was very happy that school was cancelled, and I was glad too, coz I was able to extend my rest until the middle of the day. While Sandy was blowing outside, we were very cozy inside. I thought that our power would cut off, but it didn’t. Thank God we had power until Sandy passed by. But my boys were a little bit bored staying in door for 2 days. As you can see the little one below he keeps on looking outside checking on Sandy if she is gone already so he can play. Sorry little one but its not safe yet to run around outside, Sandy left a huge mess, and its quite slippery with all those wet leaves on the ground.PhotobucketBlog Photo Challenge #304/366

October 28

My Eldest and Tae Kwan Do

I have mentioned in my other blog that I enrolled my eldest in a Tae Kwan Do Class. A friend of mine referred me to this Club that is close to her town. I thought that this would be good for my 8th grader since he is very stiff, so slow, and lack of activities. My friend’s kids were also new in this club so my boy was not having a hard time adjusting¬† in the class because he knows some kids.

He started on Oct 16, 3 weeks ago, and I can see a lot of improvements already. Like..

Before, he doesnt know how to do push ups, but now he can do up to 10.
He used to be so stiff like a board, now he starting to loosen up a little.
His punches has improved! It used to be so crooked and so awkward looking, now he can punch really good.
He can kick a little bit higher than usual.
He can stretch his body, bend down low, and reach his foot.
And I notice his motor skills has really improve big time.

Check him out below with the little girl in yellow belt. She was teaching him the art of defense. This was a hard move for him, but after repeating a couple of times, he finally got it. I hope he will not get tired of learning Tae Kwan Do. I am so proud of him, because he doesn’t stop trying until he gets it.

Blog Photo CHallenge #302/366

October 21

Curriculum Day 2011

I just want to share the last school year Curriculum Day in Spring Grove Elementary School that my eldest used to attend to when he was in 1st grade. It was a very special event for my eldest, because it was the day when they showcase all their work for the whole school year of 2011-2012. He told me that some of his work were featured on the wall and in the art class. I was really excited to go to his school that day and look at all his work that he was so proud and excited to show me. I wish his Plop Plop was there to see all his hard work, but he had a big job that time so he was not able to attend.

Anyway, there were so many parents even grandparents who attended the said event.My boy took me right away to their classroom and showed me all his paperwork. I was impressed! He did a pretty good job last year. I saw a lot of stars on his papers, and his English were good. He can write a good sentence, and can describe things properly. I was so proud of him. I hope he will not stop learning and keep on advancing.I know he is in a lot of stress right now for being the new kid, and lack of friends in his new school, but with my support and guidance, he will make it just fine. Below are some of the photos I took on the Curriculum Day 2011.

Photobucket Showing me some of his work. The classroom was so full of the kids worked, every corner, every side of the wall, they filled it up with all the things they did.

Below was his artwork that was included in the Art Show.


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October 20

CLayton : Coloring Style #1


One of the things that my little boy and I does here in the house while the brother is away for school is, coloring. Maybe some of you already know that this little one above loves to color. As you can see on the photo, he is trying to color Isa using his footsie! LoL! Isa is the green iguana in the show Dora the Explorer. My little one here knows all of the characters in this show, in fact its one of his favorite show. I got him this coloring book to keep him busy while I do my online task. And of course, I take a time out from my job, and help the little one finish a picture. When I saw him coloring like this, I was laughing so hard. I find it so amusing, especially his facial reaction when he was telling me about it. He sure is a funny little boy. My stress reliever. =)

Blog Photo Challenge #294/366

October 15

Missed the School Bus

For the first time, my eldest missed the school bus today. I was not surprised at all. With his slow motion in the morning, I would think he would missed the bus everyday. If I dont hurry him along, he would, really! Poor thing, maybe he will learn his lesson by now on not to spend so much time in the bathroom, and move a little bit faster so he will not miss the bus in the future. Maybe we will change our time in the morning, instead of waking him up 7:30am, I will wake him up 6am, that way he has more time to do his morning rituals. And also sleeping time at night should be earlier than usual. I tell you its pretty tough specially if you have another little one who keeps on bugging his big brother who is already in bed. I sure dont know what to do. Oh Well, I guess I will just help him in the morning to hurry along, and get his things ready at night, so he will not miss his school bus again.